— Triple Your Dates Overnight

How a 24-Year-Old Virgin
(who had never kissed a girl in the lips) transformed his life into being with a different woman every day in less than a week!

This Story will show you what I did and show You how to do it also

Hi, Dani from TCOA here. I’m here to tell you about a secret that can truly change your life…

First, I need to tell you a little bit about my story and how it can dramatically change your dating skills. In 2005 I needed to improve my crappy relationship with women (more like nonexistent), so researched for anything that could help me. I read, asked for advice, tried to model those who were successful among hot girls… I wanted girls that I liked to like me and share wonderful moments with them.

I soon learned that instead of getting dates, I was obsessed with techniques and seeing no results!!
In other words, the methods and techniques controlled me, not the other way around...

See if you can relate to any of these things I was experiencing

I didn't score at all and had to watch morons get the girls I liked. Also I watched too much porn instead of being with real women.
I didn't have a life. I put so much time in dating that I didn't really enjoy going out to places with hot girls.
I always thought I would make it, but time passed and everything was the same.
I was always thinking "what do I say now?" when talking to girls instead of relaxing and having fun.
Several friends and myself EXPECTED I would get results.
And for WHAT??

I tried all sorts of systems to get dates and motivation, even paid $600 for a 1-evening workshop, which helped a bit but I wanted the freedom to get dates EASY... but I was too lost...

I could pay for sex, but wanted to prove I could make it by myself. I avoided talking about my dating life; it wasn't what I had in mind…

I reached a point I realized I was improving so slowly I had to FORCE me to change something.

Then I had an idea...
My Great Idea

About 7 years ago, I was at a party and had an epiphany. If most men didn't use techniques, they had to have something in common with the guys who did use techniques, and I was going to figure out what it was. I went home thinking about that. If I figured it out, I could be myself and have all the sex I wanted and get a girlfriend.

It wasn't long before I realized nobody taught with accuracy how to easily get dates. Only repeated general advice. If I wanted my dream, I had to figure it out myself. But beyond a few good ideas, I didn't know where to start... My dream quickly died and I went back to a reality without hot girls.

My dream lied dormant for about 5 years. Then 2 years ago, sharing personal stuff over a few beers with my biologist friend Xavier —who isn't a Romeo either— we started to build the key to attraction ("how the hell to score easily").

We took it seriously and searched everywhere, blogs and academic books, interviewed experts and pickup artists, and analyzed many successful man. After 3 months of study, we were mad.

There was too much information. We had many tips and important stuff, but not a simple effective key...

It was time to give up...

Then one day, I had a chat with my friend that Changed My Life Forever

Want to know what came out of that chat?

I’ll get to that, but first let me tell you what happened next.

The possibilities seemed limitless. It was as if a whole new world had opened up to me. A world that you are about to enter into and see for yourself. This time, everything was different:

My New Dating Life

OK: Confident
OK: Joyful
OK: Loving
OK: Abundant and varied
OK: Limitless

I was no longer confused, frustrated or stuck.
Even as rejections and challenges would come up, I would learn, get answers and move on.

The Results:

I accomplished more in the week that followed than I had in the previous 7 years.

I never wanted to score in overkill mode, y just wanted a good girlfriend... but I wanted to test my theory with girls I liked, so I went out every day, even on Monday and Tuesday nights.

I was terrified. But focused on follow my theory to the letter:

And girls started to fall at my feet...

I got laid with a different girl every day...
I felt I had control.

The Day I Had always Dreamed of

A Perfect Week

It started out as an ordinary week, but ended up feeling like I had cracked the code of life. I was on the bus to my work as an intern. Usually any situation where I could find hot girls, even for 5 minutes on the bus, weren't the most pleasant thing in the world. I would get anxious and couldn't be fully present, focused. I would look at the girls and think countless details and ways to attract them. Any beautiful woman would trigger a lot of dating thoughts in my mind.

But now things were different.
Totally different.

Now I didn't mind attracting a particular girl, but at the same time I knew I could.

That day I started talking with girls and the change in their reactions was clear, smiling, touching me, looking attentively at me, gladly giving me their numbers...

On that night I went out with a few friends and got a gorgeous young brunette to bed. It was a bit hard to give a first step applying my theory, but after that I felt I was unstoppable.

It was so easy... I ended up with a different girl every night
It was the most exciting week in my life.

I’m sure you are asking “What was your theory all about?”

This theory contains the keys to success.

The secret that ultra-successful men have been using for thousands of years to attract women:

The formula to attract the same Quantity and Quality of women such as these men:

Leonardo DiCaprio

Julio Iglesias

Charlie Sheen


Gene Simmons

Lemmy Kilmister

Hugh Hefner

All of these men know the "Secret to Success". And applying it not only allows to the rich and famous to score with the most incredible women. It's making regular unknown men all over the world achieve it.

So I started writing a few posts in my personal blog and handed them out to a few close friends who struggled to get dates too. A few days later their feedback started coming in. This is what they said:

“Getting girls seems SO easy now I can't even believe it!!”

“Mannn! Thanks for teaching me how to be successful with women in a natural way! This is the real deal!”

“The three behaviors you explain are so simple yet so powerful, that I don't even know if a total newb will understand them in one read, you should create a course.” (which I did!)

“I have previously read all the usual PUA books, but they all gave me this feeling deep inside when I applied their advice that there's something wrong with me or that the advice just doesn't stack up well in the real world. Thank you for giving me out real advice.”

“I recently read The Game by Neil Struass, but those guys clearly weren't happy, so what's the point? I knew it could be more about just knowing what to do and when to get a girl in the sack. Thanks so much. Opened my eyes.”

The chat that changed my ability to score easily, with quality and quantity was this simple idea:
“Would I be more attractive if everything I do, my actions and conversation, conveyed I can satisfy the most basic needs of women?

Now, I was aware of methods to get women. I had attempted to use them previously, but always faced the same problems.

I just didn't have enough experience to overcome each little mental block when talking to a girl: "this catches me by surprise, what do I say now?" "And now?"

These methods had one part of the “equation” right (sometimes). Their authors claimed their techniques were based on the needs of women. So why don't most guys use them to attract women?

It's so obvious now...

The other part of the equation is missing: the guy producing words, lines and techniques out of his mouth may or may not match the method!! For instance I just didn’t like AT ALL doing some of the things I was supposed to do, like pull my interest to girls I liked or be rejected dozens of times to get experience. I just wanted something that would adapt to me —I KNEW it could be easy because many inexperienced guys dated awesome girls.

My idea was different.

By focusing ONLY on the most basic needs of women, I could be attractive and not fake to be who I'm not.

In order to be sure I was dealing with fire, I started analyzing what I did and other men seducing women. It was mathematical: any time a relationship succeeds, these three needs of women are met. Any time it goes south and an opportunity missed, one of them is ignored. It is that powerful, as you'll learn.

There principles gave me the key I was missing: freedom to choose and have fun seducing women.

But also, this method is different in another very unique way that differentiated it from other techniques.

So Much MORE than a Method to Get Laid Alone

Before I avoided going out to pick up girls, but following my three rules (The Three Behaviors) made me truly enjoy meeting women. It was so easy to make them attracted to me!

This method gave me control. It clears the clutter. It allows us to...

  1. Make girls want to fuck very easily.
  2. Get more in less time, because you escalate to sex and deeper relationships as fast as possible. It's very common to make girls horny enough to have sex, also online.
  3. Get more in less time, recognizing immediately those girls who are not open (have a boyfriend, bad mood, lesbians...) to avoid wasting your time.

All this is achieved thanks to the rules I'm going to teach you. The most important thing are the Three Behaviors, and there are also very useful things like the 2 conversation rules which let you always know what to say. I don't know how I lived without them...

And I thought everything was going great...

Little Did I Know My World was about to Come CRASHING DOWN

Up until this point, I was banging like a battery bunny. I never was a party beast, now I was making up for all my dry years. But after a few months I was spoiling myself. Way down. My life had come to a point of only picking up and having sex. Also I always was a little overweight but controlled —now ate and ate celebrating my successes and gained 30+ pounds. At first it didn't matter since I could still pick up girls. I didn't sleep enough. Woke up with sweet in my mouth and arrived late in the mornings. I was lost, now I could pick up girls but I had enough clarity to see this path was leading me to disaster.

I went into Panic Mode

I started going out without a purpose, like in a vicious circle.

I felt so bad I didn't want to see some friends and even called in sick to avoid going to work.

My new life wasn't worth the price I was paying for it.

Then I reached a tipping point:
A Few Girls I Really Liked Rejected Me

I got used to wake up next to girls I didn't really like, moronic and ugly without makeup. Also I felt I was failing my friends and family.

But my real shock happened the third time a girl I really liked rejected me. I couldn't believe all my effort ended up like this.

Once again, I felt like my only option was to GIVE UP

As a last resort, a thought entered my mind…

“Maybe I Can use my Method to Help me with this Problem also”

Up until now, I mainly used my method to pick up girls in parties and clubs. The Three Behaviors killed there, but I hated those places. I decided to prepare a plan to apply them in day-to-day situations so I could have my healthy life back.

This was a big step for me because I didn't dare picking up girls anywhere. I didn't want to look like a pervert, be rejected in public or get in trouble.

Also I wasn't sure it would work. I knew how to pick up easy, but only in places where girls went searching for men too. But I was desperate and if my plan worked I could attract girls I really liked anywhere, also online, and also have quick one-night stands if I wanted. That would be my dream life with absolute freedom and control.

What Happened next was Miraculous

I prepared a simple diagram with my 3-rule system which I carried anywhere to know what to do when I felt blocked. I also researched for methods to change habits fast until I found a powerful one. I was ready and started applying it, determined.

I used to go to the library so I started talking to girls there. Went back to the gym, and also there. On the bus, the train, at the supermarket...

If I hesitated, just looked at my diagram and leaped in:

Before and After TCOA

I improved day after day. The conversations were fun and deep, and the beauty of the girls wasn't hid under layers of makeup.

To my amazement, those pretty and interesting girls were also attracted to me. My dream life was becoming reality, my method worked in every situation.

The Results

OK: Immediate Change
In less than 10 days I managed to put my life where I wanted.
OK: Amazing Girlfriend
Very soon I met a spectacular woman.
OK: Expert Status
Friends, people on the internet, even girls for their boyfriends, started asking me for advice.
OK: Live to The Fullest
Now joy is immense and I can focus on other goals full of motivation.

I will teach you my method so that You can do the same!!!

This method is for you if you identify with any of these points:

You're not alone. Many men (me included) have been there. The question is: do you want to stay there or join the men who are determined to change their life and enjoy the company of wonderful women?

You'll have all this powerful knowledge in the most efficient way, ready to be applied overnight.

This Method Will Make You Succeed!

This Is What You'll Get:

  1. The method to meet women and satisfy their 3 needs at any stage of your relationship: you'll get dates right away, no matter your starting point, because you'll get rid of need and fear in order to become a true attractive leader. You'll always know what to do and say to the littlest detail, and you'll be motivated to progress even further and achieve more complex goals (threesomes, dirty sex, teach other guys...)
  2. Use of The Core of Attraction

  3. The unambiguous conditions to trigger each rule: there's no room for interpretation. If you perceive these conditions/needs, go on to the next step; if not, wait as I'll show you!
  4. 31-day crash course: Don't know how to get started or apply something? Just follow the daily exercises and see yourself naturally increasing your success with women! Improved over and over again with the feedback of 150+ men, they're clear and detailed with everything you need to start scoring right away!
  5. The structure from meeting the girl until sex (and further): you'll always know what to do next.
  6. The smoothest, easiest conversation method (only 2 rules to avoid ever going blank). Nothing kills an interaction like talking about the weather... You'll deploy your best sparkling conversation, leading it to where you want, while you two have fun, meet each other and make her feel attracted and horny for you.
  7. And much, much more... But in on top of that:

  8. BONUS 1: Day and Night Guide. Settings of attraction are a bit different by day or night (by "night" I actually mean parties and clubs, and by "day", day-to-day situations) I thoughtfully wrote this guide to allow you to meet women when and where You prefer.
  9. BONUS 2: Carry Anywhere Diagram: One of my biggest 'Aha' moments happened when I organized what I learned in a diagram to on the bus, on the street, in class, at work... So as a bonus, I prepared a condensed 4-page PDF diagram for you to carry anywhere, on your phone or printed out to carry in your pocket, so you can motivate you and stop losing opportunities.
  10. Picking Up Girls Will Be Extremely Easy

    Before and After TCOA

    You Won't Find Anything Like This Anywhere.
    With Only Three Rules, You Will Always Know What to Do at The Right Time!

  11. EXTRA BONUS!!: Boost Your Progress!: what helped me the most to apply effortlessly my system was a technique to avoid sticking points and implement any new behavior at lightning speed. Best of all, it only takes 5 minutes a day! You'll be scoring more and better in a matter of days.

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For your convenience, in addition to the PDF you'll get everything in ePub format so you can put it in your phone, tablet or Ereader —except for the diagrama, only in PDF because its benefit comes from the format.

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* You have a month to start your week of Email coaching, however in your best interest, I suggest you take action immediately.

I can't offer a time-demanding service like personal coaching at such a low price, but I REALLY want you to achieve success with girls you like. That is why I make these rare exceptions so you can purchase everything (all posts + bonuses –including the Email coaching) for only .

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