Recommended Books

I want to share with you some of the books that helped me structure my knowledge. Now, as I always say, do NOT spend time reading books unless you’re already taking action.

So, in case you’re already seeing results, the combination of these books will give you a critical advantage, a thinking framework that few people have and will make your success with women even greater. I’ll explain you why:

Book Why it is important
You may be surprised that my first recommendation is not a book on dating. This is a book on life. Through my years of research, I’ve found that self-discipline is the most valuable skill of all. Why? Because it’s the one that enables you to learn and EXECUTE all other skills. Imagine for a second that today, right now, you decide you want to achieve X goal, and that with absolute, 100% certainty, you know you’re going to get there. How is that possible? Thanks to the power of self-discipline. This book was a recent discovery, and a game-changer for the rest of my life. What are you waiting for?
This is one of the very few books about dating that you’ll see me recommmend. Why? Because most of them suck (and I’ve read a lot). People always recommend The Game if you’re new to pick-up / dating, but that’s just a novel. I wasted many hours to finish it, back when I was clueless about dating. So please, trust me on this. Read Day-Bang, and you’ll thank Roosh V. for being so executive in his methods and so clear in the reasons why you should act that way. It’s a book on Daygame, but you’ll improve also your overall Indirect game, which is the best way in those situations.
A Billion Wicked thoughts is the world’t largest analysis (based on experience) of sexual desire. If you want to know how your attraction toward women works, and what ‘she’ ACTUALLY finds attractive in you, you must read this book. It’s a bit long but there’s no pointless filling, from start to finish you’ll find golden nuggets that will help you understand women and focus on what you really should in order to attract them. You’ll gain knowledge that will give you huge confidence when dealing with situations in which you don’t know exactly what to do.
The Selfish Gene is a book on evolutionary biology that explains where we come from as human beings. It doesn’t specifically talks about male-female relationships among humans, but it was very important for me because it gave me A LOT of perspective and focus on what’s important in life, understanding what are we doing here on Earth, and where are we heading toward. You may not need it, but if you’re somewhat “lost” or want to know yourself deep down, this is a must have.
< This is also a classic on human relationships, with some pretty basic information about how to successfully deal with people in multiple situations, filled with examples and explained very clearly. It’s not focused on seduction either, but it’s teachings will make you much more sociable and successful among any group of people, a skill that’s awfully important to get women in your life.
The Fear of Freedom is a book that not only you and I, but every person on this planet should read. You’ll find a deep analysis on how fear stops you from being the awesome man you can be, how to overcome it, and why most people in modern societies let that negative emotion control their lives. This book is around 80 years old but its teachings are even more important than the day it was written. If you want to be in that little portion of society that lives a life of freedom and love, you absolutely need this book.
What? A book about how to become rich? Okay, you don’t need this book to get women. I just want to recommend it to you because indirectly, your goals in life are very important to attract a girl, and most importantly, to your happiness. Whether you’re interested in starting a successful business, investing and other moneymaking tactics or not, this book will open your mind and will help you dramatically define your goals in life.
This is the same as with the previous book. You don’t need it to get women, but health is very important and obesity has become the most common cronic disease in modern society. As you know, I was pretty fat back then, and this book was critical to my understanding on how my body and mind works to free myself from the food adiction vicious cycle.

There are obviously many more books that I could recommend, but after having read A LOT, I think those are the most important ones because they establish a solid foundation to then read whatever you want and experiment and learn on your own.

However, as you probably already know me a little, I’m from Spain an the fact is, there are two books that I also consider very important to my growth. The problem is they’re written in Spanish. So email me if you’re confident enough to read in that language. But you can still get the core knowledge of those books because obviously, I applied that knowledge to create The Core of Attraction. Subcribe now if you haven’t to get that useful knowledge right away.

A Tip on Reading Books, Blogs, Taking Courses, etc.

I recommend you get material to improve specific gaps in your progress. With The Core of Attraction you have the overall system that explains attraction at all levels.

But then, let’s say you have an issue with your body language. Then it’ll be very wise of you to grab and read a good book on that topic and of course, take action and apply it. You get the idea.

Start by applying the system, then work on the loose ends in order to tight everything up.

Don’t hesitate to drop me an email and let me know if you find any obstacle, and we’ll figure out the best way to solve it.

Back to reading!