Best Topics to Talk About With a Girl

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Do you run out of topics to talk about with a girl you like? You don’t even know how to start? Let’s review the powerful basic ideas to make your conversation flow naturally, have fun, and make her attracted to you.

We’ll make a topic checklist, but you also have to keep in mind the global structure in which you’re talking. Your goal is to progressively level up your intimacy with her. So the level you’re currently at will determine many of the topics.

If you remember this post on how to talk to girls, we can approach Directly or Indirectly.

That approach will determine the topics you start with. Because with a direct approach, you can directly get personal. Your romantic or sexual interest in the girl is clear. It’s perfectly justified to ask her personal stuff like “what do you do for fun” right away.

On the other hand, if you take an indirect approach and start talking about “where can I find an art shop nearby?” you can’t ask her personal stuff until the conversation gets to a point where she asks you a personal question first. Remember you should talk nonstop leaving hints of why you’re interesting to get to that point.

So your approach and your current relationship with the girl (non-existent, friends, coworkers…) will determine if you can get to aseptic objective information, or superficial personal stuff, or deep experiences and feelings, etc. right away.

Emotional Relevance

This is a very important concept to use. Regardless of your level of intimacy —even if you’re not asking her personal questions yet, you should use this when you talk about yourself.

This is the structure to talk about you:

What I do + Why I do that + How I feel about that.

What + your reasons + your feelings. For example:

Instead of just saying: “I went to Switzerland“.

Say: “I went to Switzerland (What) because I always wanted to visit Europe and specially the CERN. (Why.) I love physics plus I had the best time skiing in the Alps. I never skied before but now I can’t wait to do it again! (How you feel.)”

Think of how you usually talk and how you can improve to match this three-step structure.

It’s really simple and very beneficial for multiple reasons:

  • This is always useful, but it’s a MUST if you take an indirect approach, during those minutes that you need to talk a lot about yourself. Remember that the point of the conversation is to get to that personal level. By making your speech emotionally relevant, you get her engaged and get her to ask that personal question first. Then she’s in!
  • It’s the language girls use. If you start paying attention now, girls are much more emotional in their language. Not only you’ll understand their motivations much better, but they will naturally feel much more comfortable talking to you.
  • Compare “I went to Switzerland” with a whole paragraph (that could be much longer.) When you talk within the link and threads framework to never run out of interesting things to say, you have much more meat to keep talking nonstop!

Examples of Best Topics to Talk About With a Girl

Now that you clearly differentiate the umbrella concepts you can talk about depending on the level of intimacy, lets see some real-world examples I use a lot.

If you’re still on a non-personal level (but remember that Emotional Relevance is always on):

  • What you’re doing there.
  • Differences with other places you’ve been to.
  • How you arrived there (if it’s interesting.)
  • How you feel, or what you think about the place.
  • What moves you (emotionally.)

Things that make you look good, or topics that can lead you quickly to those other topics that make you look good. (For instance if you’re in a coffee shop, you can start talking about that, to then direct the conversation to that time you won a marathon and you celebrated the victory in that coffee shop.)

Things to talk about with a girl on a personal level:

  • Work or School.
  • Hobbies.
  • What you do for fun.
  • Immediate plans.
  • Future plans.
  • Anything about her (tastes, how she looks, her behavior, etc.)

You can add you own. Don’t hesitate to mention them in the comments and I’ll expand the list if you want.

Please remember that those are just very general conversation triggers that you can use with anybody. Then you have to expand on each topic based on the links-and-threads framework. That will bring many more topics that are custom-made for that girl!

Conversation Example —Checklist

I also want to give you a general structure that I used at first when I was clueless. My conclusion after many successes is that you never follow that structure exactly —because the link-and-threads framework overrides it to make a conversation flow naturally.

But i’ts good to have general idea in mind —especially if you don’t know how to start. A checklist to never run out of topics to talk about with a girl:

  1. Approach and open.
    • What I do here.
    • Why I came here.
    • How I feel.
  2. The place
    • Differences with other places.
    • What you think and feel about it.
  3. Hobbies.
  4. What do you do (now or in life)? —remember to ask this only if she already asked you something personal, otherwise wait!
  5. Statement of sexual interest (example: telling her you love her gorgeous face or how stunning she looks in those clothes —remember to change the subject after that to alleviate the tension.)
  6. Isolate her (get a little privacy if you can.)
  7. What do you do for fun?
  8. Tell her how you’re feeling about knowing her so far (remember: emotional relevance.)
  9. Another statement of sexual interest (example: telling her you’re going crazy if she doesn’t stop looking at you that way).
  10. Immediate or future plans.
  11. Another statement of sexual interest.
  12. Get her number (you can do this earlier if she already showed personal interest, you approached her in an indirect setting and she’s busy).
  13. Consolidate her number by talking for a while.

Keep in mind that some of these points can take less than a minute and some other can take hours if you talk naturally and deepen in the threads.


Watch out for next post, in which I’ll cover very powerful conversational stuff to make her fall in love with you at accelerated speed.

Wrapping it up

It’s very easy to talk naturally with a girl and make her attracted to you by showing you’re a guy with a life that doesn’t drool at the prospect of banging her. Now you just have to start applying this to real girls into the real world!

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So, what were your sticking points and how can you improve in your conversations from now on?