The Importance of the Right Mindset

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hippie mindset to get laidWhen I started to improve myself, everytime I read or heard something about “opening my mind“, “new reality”, “reframing my world view” and stuff like that, I directly categorized the message: hippyish crap that some new-age guru wrote after getting high on crack.

In fact, even nowadays when I’m trying to explain something about improvement, I try explain everything from a logical reasoning perspective, especially whenever I hear myself sounding too hippie. But guess what:

It’s not just a specific mindset to get laid. Having the correct mindset is critical to your success with women (and in life). Are you thinking things right?

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A cycle in which you start off a flawed mindset and that prevents you from improving your success attracting girls no matter the ‘method’ or ‘system’ that you follow. Unless, of course, that method is to change your mindset and taking action in that direction.

Not just a mindset to get laid

The mindset thing not only applies to dating and getting girls. This applies to a lot of different areas. For instance, in moneymaking or martial arts, mindset is very important.

This isn’t some guruesque theory, having the correct mindset is the way by which you know at all times which actions you should be taking.

For instance, in moneymaking, you have to reframe your mindset based on the relationship that exists between value and money. If you don’t understand that people not only will, but want to pay for what they have need and the things they find value in, you may think that rich people are ‘greedy’ or dead inside people, preventing you from actually getting the money you could get.

In martial arts or self-defense for real danger situations, you are usually taught to forget about superficial wounds and just attack full on. Again, having the wrong mindset could lead to being too defensive, waiting for your opponent’s attack, ending up REALLY hurt.

With attraction and learning how to get women it’s the same. If you have a wrong mindset, your chances of succeeding are lowered enormously. If you think stuff like “she will get bored with me”, “I shouldn’t tell this joke, she may won’t like it” or “she may get offended if I tell her I love her butt”, you’re dead even before you started. Really.

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So, in which situations have you suffered because of people with a wrong mindset?