How to Change Anything

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You want to change something in your life. I want to change something in my life. Everybody wants to change something in their lives.

Unless you have truly reached that state of “this is it” you are in an ever-constant process of change. And even at that point, after a while you start setting new goals.

Now you’re probably focused on attracting women, and that process of change can be hard. You face fears, you need some self-discipline (read this post if you haven’t) to put in practice what I teach.

Or maybe you are in the process of getting rid of a Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction or an addiction to porn —or any other addiction, like unhealthy foods.

Changing a habit can get really hard. Sometimes it seems rooted so deeply that changing seems impossible. And what’s even worse, our mind gets so narrowed into the problem that we can easily lose sight of a broader understanding of the situation.

That is why I highly recommend you watch this TED video:

Here’s a breakdown of the main insights from it:

How to Change Anything

When you try to change something, you will encounter many blocks in that progress. But most times, the first block is our own thinking or the situation.

Especially if we want to change something that makes us unhappy, our vision gets narrowed down to that hole and we forget there are many ways out of it.

Al Switzler shows us there are six factors to take into account if you want to change anything:

Personal Do you really want to change? Have you decided it? Is motivation for that new life coming from within? Feel it! Do you have the skills and knowledge necessary to change?
Social Do you have friends encouraging you to change, helping you keep focused? Do you have mentors to teach you and give you feedback on how to change? (You can count me 😉 )
Structural Do you reward yourself for your accomplishments toward your goal? This is critical to cement the new habits. Does your environment make it easy for you to change, and hard to fall into the old behavior? If not, change it!

I personally think it is a bit trickier than this (e.g. when it comes to overcome your fears), but the benefit from getting this bird’s-eye view of the situation is invaluable.

Stop wasting years and change!

So what of those skills are already present in your mission to change, and which ones are lacking? Don’t hesitate to subscribe and let me know.