Are You a Hopeless Kissless Virgin for Life?

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Are you already a man yet still figuring out how to lose your virginity? Do you stay awake in bed thinking what’s the point of life since you can’t figure out how to get a girlfriend?

That was me not-so-many years ago. I remember once when I spent an entire evening on bed, looking at the ceiling, trying to figure out the perfect way to ask a college classmate out… I was clueless.

But now I’m in a position to give you this article for you to understand how to be successful with women, so you can start looking at your life with a positive outlook and achieve level-10 in love, health, success, and any area of your life you want to develop.

Around 8 years ago I was on the same position you are. If I wanted, I could have a normal social life. I just wasn’t motivated by it.

My friends wanted me to go out with them. Sometimes I agreed. Most of the times, I looked for excuses like “I have to study a lot” (when I was in college) or “I have plans with other friends” even though I was going to stay at home reading (or something).

As time passed, I didn’t look for excuses as much, I just told them “I’m not in the mood” and abandoned that social force trying to get me to the light.

What really happened is that my thought process was the following: “what’s the point of going out? I never have a good time. I’m always thinking about what to do to get a girl. But I never summon up the courage to approach or say anything coherent. I only want a good, intelligent, hot girl to be with me, but my few opportunities are all girls I don’t like.

I know what you’re thinking. How the hell am I going to be successful with that mindset in the first place.

I had many failures, but not in the good way.

Good failures are the ones that make you learn and grow.

For instance getting over your approach anxiety and talking to a girl balls to the wall, then getting rejected is a good failure. You learn a lot and adjust your approaching for next time.

Bad (double) failure is doing nothing. Because you get nothing, and you learn nothing.

My failures used to be all of the bad ones.

My high-school years and the first three in college went from crush to crush. Each one typically lasted a few months, but as a good kissless virgin I never did nothing about them.

Girls received constantly my eye contact. With others I progressed and actually became (just) really good friends. And in some cases I know (now) that they had feelings for me.

They wanted me to escalate forward with them. But I didn’t.

I was so clueless I want to go back in time and beat myself. I remember one time, a good friend who was extremely hot, tall slim brunette with a gorgeous naughty face, perfect body and boobs too big for a highschool girl, not to mention an electrifying childish humour, ended up crying at a party. Why?

Months later through common friends I ended up knowing the reason why she cried was I didn’t move forward to at least try to kiss her. At the time I couldn’t believe that was the reason. I mean I could think of it as a possibility, but it had to be something else. But now with years of experience I understand why.

Do you see why I want to beat myself?

All lost opportunities. And let me tell you, some of them were meant to be awesome and mean a positive turn of my life.

So you may think: “Oh well, you are just dumb, you have a girl in front of you and do nothing? My problem is different. I don’t have girls in my life. And even if I did, I’m too ugly or poor or uninteresting or smart (yeah that’s an excuse I’ve heard lol) or whatever for them to like me.

Well, that’s exactly what I thought.

I didn’t believe in myself —at all.

People see me, I’m healthy, pretty tall, friendly, smart… They assume I can have a good girlfriend and pick up girls.

But they assume it now, and they assumed it before!

They don’t know my mind is introspecting, overthinking, looking for patterns, trying to achieve things by thinking, not by putting in the work… They don’t know I had to consciously learn how to be great among women. As you may need too.

It hurts to even remember all that. I don’t even like to remember that time of my life. Not because I want to forget it or something. Part of learning is never forgetting a lesson, of course. I don’t want to remember it too much because it makes me almost physically sick and now I look at like in a very different, much more positive light. That, as you’ll see, is key.

So the first thing you need to do is to try and completely change your mindset in that regard:

You can and will have girls in your life, and it will be great.

It will actually be greater than for the regular guy that at least gets a girlfriend in high-school, because all those years losing opportunities and thinking about how to take advantage of them, had made you value it even more.

But of course, you have to do something about it. It won’t arrive by luck. You can’t do nothing and then whine about your bad luck.

So here’s what to do.

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That covers the details/technique part of getting girls.

But first you need to address the mindset part, which is the most important one right now.

Because if you have the wrong mindset in the first place, the wrong beliefs, you don’t believe you can do the things you actually CAN do.

Well, so how am I so sure you CAN do things like approaching a girl you like, getting to know each other, and if she’s a nice girl, asking her out, all in less than 10 minutes? Am I psychic or what?

Getting a girl for a one night stand or a long term girlfriend is EASY.

What’s hard is getting to the point where that becomes easy.

I know that, because I, and all men I know that once were terrible-with-women kissless virgins, have gone through the same steps.

First, a previous state of disbelief, doubt, even fear of the unknown.

Second, an “ok-I’m-gonna-try-that” period in which you dip your toes in the water of learning how to seduce women (whatever you want to call it).

Then finally, there’s the bifurcation. There’s a majority of guys whose limiting beliefs are so big, and their comfort zone so comfortable, that they don’t want to go through the uncomfortable period of learning a new skill.

At the other side of the bifurcation, there’s a minority of guys whose “umbrella” guideline in life is: I never give up. I’m proud to say I’m part of this minority.

So they learn how to communicate with the opposite sex, and after a period of unbalance, their new comfort zone is more like: “Life is amazing! And changing wasn’t hard after all! Now I feel powerful, like I can achieve anything I want!”

So which road do you want to take?

Taking the success road isn’t hard because you have to climb a steep mountain with a tiger clinched on your back. Just because, you have to do things differently to what you’ve done up until now.

As the famous quote says: Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results.

Of course, it is so obvious!

But those weird different things you have to do are pretty normal, actually.

I mean, getting close to an unknown person, opening your mouth and saying some words I’ll tell you to say.

Is that hard?

It is the fucking easiest thing anyone has ever done!

And the words I’ll tell you to do are pretty fucking simple too. I’m all against the cocky, learn-110-stories-and-parrot-them-back.

My method is one that I developed myself, that will blow your mind away, because it’s incredibly simple (just 3 rules) yet incredibly powerful, because it covers all things you need to do to attract the girl without having to fake being someone you aren’t.

Not to boast, but there’s truly nothing like that.

So where’s the hard part? What’s the thing that makes guys create all sorts of excuses not to approach and talk?

The hard part lies of course, in that the unknown (or known, doesn’t matter) person is a hot girl, that ultimately, you want to have an intimate relationship with.

So for a bunch of biological reasons that you’ll understand in the email course, you have the tendency to avoid approaching, even if you consciously want to.

So you know there will be a difficult part, or learning process.

It may surprise you that I’m not going to try and convince you that it’s going to be a piece of cake, and tomorrow you’ll have two girlfriends, one that’s going to be the mother of your children and one that only wants you for sex and fun.

And you know what? I could. I could dedicate my life trying to convince the guys that already quit a long time ago even though they don’t know it. And you know what? It wouldn’t matter.

Sure, I’ll convince a few of them. But there’s a group of guys that gave up on life, and even if I showed them proof, pictures, examples, etc. to the littlest detail, they won’t take action. Why?

Because they’ve gotten so comfortable in their emotional pit that the fear of changing weighs way more than what they see as benefit. The overthinksheep has become so disconnected from reality that they don’t know how great life can be.

overthinksheep picking up hot girls

So my mission is not to tell you it’s going to be easy. My mission is to give you the easiest and fastest way possible, given that there’s going to be a hard period outside of my control. With all my work, I’ve managed to get the process, from zero to hero in 31 days. Just one month. With the most powerful method there is (you’ll understand why).

I’ll show you the shortcut, but it’s only for the ones willing to take the risk of change. By the way, once you take the red pill, there are no wolves, nights crying alone or anything like that.

This method doesn’t ask you to dress funny, to joke all the time or stuff like that. Forget the PUA crap. You’ll see that from the outside there’s nothing new. But internally you’ll start to perceive and interact with the world differently.

What will be hard? Just getting out of your comfort zone. If you’ve never told a girl you like her hair, or you’ve never kissed a girl when she’s begging for it, that obviously will be hard. But I’ll show you exactly when to do those things. And again, no wolves.

Once you assume that getting out of your comfort zone is a must, the rest WILL be a piece of cake. You won’t believe how easy it is.

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The guys that naturally pick up women learned what you’re about to learn by trial-and-error when they were little or early in adolescence, from relatives, friends, etc.

So they’ve lived more years of experience with women. But once you come to the knowing side of The Core of Attraction, you’ll have a great advantage over them.

You’ll be conscious about what you’re doing and what you don’t. Naturals have a problem is, typically they’re very limited in the way they get girls. One guy approaches girls only in clubs because doesn’t feel comfortable in a serious conversation. Another guy only hits on girls he already knows, and so on.

You will have a complete understanding of how attraction works, so you’ll be able to hit on girls whenever and wherever you want.

The 3 behaviors never change.

So imagine you end up kissing a girl one night, and set a date for a few days later. But the next day, you’re literally walking on the street and a gorgeous girl has something that really sparks your interest. Then you casually start talking to them, know each other, find out she’s amazing, and decide you are going to go out with this girl, not the other.

I’m talking about that kind of abundance, that most naturals don’t have either. You are going to be that guy.

But I said it all starts with a mindset, so I’ll list a few of the most common limiting beliefs to destroy them:

I’ll be a kissless virgin forever. Not all men can learn how to attract women. There’s part of it that’s nature, not nurture.

That’s just an excuse to be lazy and avoid facing change!

I have a friend who was born with a facial deformity. Starting when he was a few months old, he has received surgery multiple times to try and correct it, leaving him with a big scar that runs down his nose from his forehead. You don’t have to look closely to see the stitches marks. But surgery can’t correct it all, and you can see how his head is not symmetric, it’s slightly, although noticeably, tilted to the left around the forehead. In addition, his left eye is a glass eye. And his right eye swings left and right, very smoothly, but in a way that I still can’t understand how he gets to read (he does, he’s a physics teacher).

Well, you’re waiting for the punchline, right? You should, because it’s a good one. He got a girlfriend before I did.

If he can get a girlfriend, you can too.

While I’m learning, I’ll make mistakes that will show how inept I am at social skills, and even worse, will put me in embarrassing situations or and girls will talk about me.

I had this thought while I was learning, but this thought is doubly false.

First, you’re not inept. If you see the logic in what I’m saying and are willing to apply it, it’s normal to have those thoughts, because they’re deeply rooted in the primitive parts of our brain. What’s inept is being an awkward hikikomori that doesn’t socialize, because life has a lot to offer.

Second, your improvement will take place gradually, in controlled settings that are only a step ahead. That’s the whole point of the program you get when you subscribe. Once conquered, you move on to the next, and so on. So no embarrassing situations at all.

Imagine I ask you to hold your breath for 5 minutes. Impossible, right? Don’t do it, by the way, lol. However if I only ask you to do that now for 5 seconds, you find no problem. Then 10 seconds, and so on. Well, that’s the right approach. Control.

People around or even my friends with disapprove / comment / laugh at me if they see me hitting on girls.

Again, two things.

First, random people don’t give a shit about others than themselves. Period. They’re too worried about the game on their smartphone or their own lives.

Even if you’re the guy that goes balls to the wall, cold-approaching girls on a crowded bus, and some people start looking at what you do, you’ll just be an anecdote in their lives, and a month after that, they won’t even remember your face.

But most importantly, if you’re not that type of guy, I’ll show you how to hit on girls without being apparent that you’re hitting on girls. So you can get the same girl in the bus without people even noticing. Again, control.

Second, and very importantly. If your friends joke once about you hitting on girls, that’s fine, it’s normal. You just tell them: “guys, this is really important to me, I have to do this” and they’ll stop.

If they don’t stop, what you need to do is changing your friends for others who are not stupid!

I don’t want to be the guy who breaks a lifelong friendship, of course. So at least, moderate your time hanging around them. Find new friends that support you and understand you emotionally, and once you are officially living a life where you are making women happy and women are making you happy, then start spending more time with your old friends again.

If they’re truly good people, they’ll be amazed at what you’ve achieved.

If they’re jealous and resentful, then be glad you didn’t spend more time with them. In the process of improving your relationship with women you’ll gain the social skills to make much better friends anyway.

I am not handsome / rich / tall / fit / famous / cool / whatever… enough

Thinking like this is a symptom of low self esteem, and one of the most common beliefs among men who have a self image of average or below-average.

—”But, Manuel, I don’t want to dress like a clown and pretend to be rich to attract girls…”

Who said that? Not me!

Of course girls are attracted to the qualities above. But there’s a nuance that you may haven’t heard of.

They are not attracted to the qualities, but to the ATTITUDE AND PERSONALITY that’s likely to achieve those qualities.

It may seem counterintuitive, but think about the typical romantic plot in which the wife of a bored rich man falls in love for the poor artist guy with the passionate, vibrant personality.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if you are rich, handsome and smug. If after being a few days with you she discovers you’re a pussy with no personality, her attraction toward you will fall down like an elephant walking on a tightrope.

But, if you approach her, undetected, and slowly start showing the correct personality (with the 3 rules you don’t even have to think about it) she’ll perceive you have a winner, vibrant personality that she craves.

The good qualities above are just like the big entrance. Specially in the US and perhaps other highly developed countries with great American influence (UK, Scandinavia), although not that much, being hot matters.

So of course, if you have a big entrance and then what’s inside, your personality is the type you’re going to learn here, you have it easier.

That’s why girls complain so much about guys not looking giving a shit about what’s inside and what not. Because they are the ones who value it the most!

So first, focus on learning the correct way to attract girls. Then you can focus on improving your entrance.


I just listed the most common limiting beliefs, but there are many more.

She’s a good friend and I don’t want to spoil our perfect friendship” (yeah right, she’d better go out with that bastard so he can spoil her). Or other rationalizations for not even trying, like “I want to approach her, yes, I’ll definitely want to do that… but not for a while, now I’m focused on my career, then I’ll care about that” (yeah right, like your career wouldn’t be 10x better if you had a healthy sex life).

So to wrap this up, I think I gave you enough reasons to stop calling yourself, or even having the thought that you may be hopeless, kissless forever, and so on.

Instead, start calling yourself “I’m a guy with enough determination to achieve anything I want, I’ll just start by improving my dating skills because that’s what I need the most right now… Then we’ll see!”

So, what are your most influential limiting beliefs? Let me know in the comments and I’ll help you.