Does She Like Me? Quiz

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does she like me quiz

Do you wonder if the girl you like is giving you signs that she’s interested in you?

Here’s a quiz with the 25 subtle things she does that will tell you if she has a crush on you so you can make a move on her. If she scores 3 or more, you should take your relationship to the next level of intimacy.

Last week we reviewed the signs that a girl likes you. I emphasized that it’s not a black-or-white state, but something you get by escalating through the levels of intimacy.

I also divided those signs of interest into four categories:

  1. She pleases you and makes your life easier and happier.
  2. She keeps the interaction between you and her alive, physically, emotionally, logistically (making it easier for you to see her, talk to her, etc.) or sexually.
  3. She tests if you follow The Three Behaviors, or have some need or fear.
  4. She shows a behavior that doesn’t have with everybody else.

But let’s translate that theory into real-world situations that you’re experiencing right now.

Disclaimer: you will want to kick yourself for being so blind to these signs from girls you liked in your past. I’ve been there. It sucks. But be happy that from now on you’re going to take advantage of every opportunity!

Do You Know When a Girl Is Attracted To You?

So in order to have a good detailed reference, let’s list the most common signs of interest women show that tell us they’re attracted to us and want us to move forward to the next level of intimacy:

  • She tells you great things about her, justifies herself or even lies when she feels she didn’t meet your standards and expectations of her.
  • Tells you great things about you. Tells you how great you are. Justifies you if you say you don’t like something about yourself.
  • Smiles a lot and laughs at your jokes. Stronger sign of interest if the jokes are not funny.
  • Tries to entertain you.
  • Imitates your attitude or mood. Imitates what you’re doing.
  • Physical changes, like blushing, dilated pupils, rapid breathing, etc.
  • Points her feet, legs or body towards you.
  • Touches you like it’s the most normal thing in the world. And not only on purpose. For example if you are sitting next to her and your elbows or legs touch and she doesn’t move away from you back into “her space”, it’s also a sign.
  • Looks at you a lot —if it’s done clearly on purpose, it’s a very sexual sign of interest.
  • Starts conversations with you or brings up new topics if there is a silence.
  • Wants to know you and acts accordingly by asking things about you.
  • Tends to get close to you in any social situation. Sometimes she gets progressively closer if she’s not close at first but has room to move.
  • Stares at your mouth a lot —very sexual sign of interest.
  • Fixes her hair and plays with it when you’re close or approaching.
  • Fixes her clothes when you are close or approaching.
  • Looks/dresses very beautiful or sexy when she is going to be with you.
  • Watches for you and ensures you are comfortable.
  • Talks about you a lot. Also to other people.
  • Reacts very quickly to what you say and do.
  • Does what you ask her to do.
  • Has moments in which she looks disinterested in you compared to other moments or to other guys. But not because she is busy, but because she tries to ignore you. This is a test to see if you react negatively, but is a sign of interest too.
  • Wants you to teach her something —especially if she asks in a fun way.
  • Any other test to see if you follow Behavior One or instead, you do things to get her approval at the cost of your time and effort.
  • If she starts a conversation you didn’t expect at all, asking you something very obvious, something she already knows or something dead simple that doesn’t need your help at all. In this case you can escalate very fast. Because she’s looking for excuses to be with you —probably in a sexual way.
  • Anything that shows she wants to keep the interaction alive —or even better, level it up!. Now or in the future. OR if she lets you decide about it. For example, asking your phone number, wanting to stay around for a little longer, or suggesting to do something alone with you.

Note: remember that all these signs of interest in you are stronger the less she does them with other guys. They’re also weaker if she does them with all guys.

So that’s the quiz: if she scores 3 or more, she likes you and you need to move to the next level of intimacy asap, before she gets bored ans lose interest in you. You can also count a sign twice if it’s very powerful. For example if she does it only with you.

Does She Like Me? —Quiz

Can you answer 100% correctly without looking up the answers?
Are the following signs of interest in you?

I hope this “does she like me quiz” was helpful to you. Remember that now you have to take action!

As a thank you for sharing this post, I prepared a PDF with the quiz for you to share and carry anywhere.

So, what are the most powerful signs the girl you like is giving you right now?