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Mindset: Feeling “Bigger” than Dating

On April 5, 2018, In Mindset by .

feeling bigger than dating

Can you remember a time where you were very good, maybe the best, at something? With this post, I’m going to transfer that feeling to your dating mindset and skills for a quick improvement.

Your mindset is literally the most important thing when attracting women (or being successful at anything in life.) My intention for you is to get out of this article with a successful dating mindset.

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What I Learned About Attracting Girls by Talking to 167 Strangers

On July 13, 2015, In Mindset by .

header how to attract girls

Guys regularly ask me something along the lines of:

I really like the ideas you share on your blog. Actually, I think they’re amazing. It’s miles ahead of anything I’ve read before. I can’t wait to take action. However, in my situation I can’t because…

In most cases, the reasons they give me for not taking action are something outside themselves, like:

  • I live with my parents and there’s some conflict between that and getting girls home.
  • I’m waiting to move to a new town in 4 months, then I’ll use The Core of Attraction.
  • I’ve tried everything. Maybe I’m just not destined… (you know how this huge BS goes on.)

While some of those reasons seem, well, reasonable, they hide a huge trap.

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You Attract Girls by Being Emotionally Intelligent

On March 9, 2015, In Mindset by .

emotionally intelligent

I remember many conversations in my teen years where girls seemed to get mad at me. Or I was so frustrated by the girls’ reactions that I would get mad. I had many great times but I also would get pissed off by my lack of control when talking to girls.

Having that lack of control not only is an attraction killer for girls. You lose motivation to approach and start talking to girls you like because you can’t expect a good outcome. You don’t have high-energy and the positive confident attitude that attract girls naturally.

Here in The Core of Attraction you’re getting everything you need to attract girls naturally, but today I want to focus on a very important aspect to better understand women.

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Are You a Hopeless Kissless Virgin for Life?

On January 27, 2015, In Mindset by .

kissless virgin post header

Are you already a man yet still figuring out how to lose your virginity? Do you stay awake in bed thinking what’s the point of life since you can’t figure out how to get a girlfriend?

That was me not-so-many years ago. I remember once when I spent an entire evening on bed, looking at the ceiling, trying to figure out the perfect way to ask a college classmate out… I was clueless.

But now I’m in a position to give you this article for you to understand how to be successful with women, so you can start looking at your life with a positive outlook and achieve level-10 in love, health, success, and any area of your life you want to develop.

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The 7 Worst Traits of The Overthinksheep —Dating Mindset

On January 26, 2015, In Mindset by .

dating mindset overthinksheep

Are you an overthinksheep? The overthinksheep is the typical guy who creates its own bad luck with women. He is average at most things. He doesn’t try to change outside of what society thinks he should. His view of the world is limited to his own fabricated thoughts, instead of experience.

Sometimes they seek change, but they’re so afraid of changing that the change is painfully slow. So slow it would take decades to achieve what other guys learn in weeks or months.

I wasn’t like that when I was little, but I was slowly transforming into the overthinksheep… I’m 100% sure you weren’t either…

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The Importance of the Right Mindset

On March 11, 2013, In Mindset by .

hippie mindset to get laidWhen I started to improve myself, everytime I read or heard something about “opening my mind“, “new reality”, “reframing my world view” and stuff like that, I directly categorized the message: hippyish crap that some new-age guru wrote after getting high on crack.

In fact, even nowadays when I’m trying to explain something about improvement, I try explain everything from a logical reasoning perspective, especially whenever I hear myself sounding too hippie. But guess what:

It’s not just a specific mindset to get laid. Having the correct mindset is critical to your success with women (and in life). Are you thinking things right?

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