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How to Attract Women by Being Protective (Behavior 2)

On March 18, 2015, In Guides & How-To's by .

how to attract women

This is the second of a series of posts that covers The Three Behaviors to attract girls:

  1. Behavior 1 —Confidence. The 11 Traits of The Alpha Male.
  2. Behavior 2 —Protection.
  3. Behavior 3 —Making her feel desired. How to Make a Girl Horny.

As part of The Core of Attraction framework to attract women, you know you should be protective, be romantic and take care of a woman to make her attracted to you. Most guys end up friendzoned because they do this too much.

In this post we’ll cover what is Behavior 2 —Protection and exactly when to show it and when not to.

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The 11 Traits of The Alpha Male (Behavior 1)

On March 16, 2015, In Guides & How-To's by .

how to be an alpha male

What is the default behavior you must have to attract girls? The traits of the alpha male are attractive to women because they bring you success in life.

But first, don’t obsess with it. The alpha-beta distinction as a 1-0 state is false. There is no red-pill v. blue-pill. Because attraction is not black or white. There are a lot of shades of grey in-between.

You choose how much alpha you want to be by doing certain things instead of other things.

Most men are average, they do some things right and some things wrong. Then there’s the overthinksheep who has a terrible mindset and does almost everything wrong. Then there are magnetic guys who attract girls’ eyeballs without effort.

You can go from zero to magnetic beast, by learning what makes you attractive. So, do you want to learn how to be an alpha male that attract girls naturally?

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Are You Neglecting These 4 Communication Channels?

On March 11, 2015, In Guides & How-To's by .

What do you focus on when you talk to girls? When I was a kissless virgin, I tried to find the perfect words so girls could be amazed by me.

That’s not a bad thing to do. Although now I don’t care about particular results I still always try to improve my communication.

The problem was, I was missing out on many communication channels that take place. You and I perceive them when you listen to others. You do it subconsciously. So why do we neglect them when it is us who speak?

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How to Make Her Fall in Love: The 36 Questions

On March 4, 2015, In Guides & How-To's by .

how to make her fall in love

Last Monday we reviewed the main topics to talk about with a girl. It was important because I highlighted the different topics we can talk about depending on the intimacy with the girl. Our goal, obviously, is to level up the intimacy with her. But I said what we’ll be covering today is powerful stuff.

Not only it will help you ramp up the intimacy with her at lightning speed. You will have a huge list of topics to talk about with her that make her much more likely to develop feelings for you.

A few researchers lead by Arthur Aron figured out 36 questions that accelerate the intimacy between two people (original paper). It starts with:

“A practical methodology is presented for creating closeness in an experimental context.”

These 36 questions are a way to supercharge the closeness with a person.

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