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The Very Best Dating Advice for Men from February 2015

On February 27, 2015, In Dating Advice by .

dating advice for men february 2015

On February I worked really hard to give you awesome detailed tutorials like How to Get a Girlfriend which covers the basics for you to start taking action and attracting girls.

The visits went from low-double-digits daily to low-triple-digits daily which is awesome, and I’m truly thankful to see that all this work to share my knowledge is actually useful for you.

As a thank you, I prepared sort of a roundup with a few highlights in the dating scene, to open your mind, use some external advice and also have a little fun!

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Virgin in College

On February 25, 2015, In Dating Advice by .

virgin in college header

Are you a man, still a virgin in college, and don’t know what to do about it? When I started college, especially the first few years, I was (of course, a kissless virgin, but also) an introvert who felt incapable of having normal relationships with girls I liked.

When it was time to go out with friends, meet new people and expand my social circle, I almost always looked for excuses. Or decided to just hang out with friends that had some other geekier plan.

I looked at the life others had, they seemed to have a blast. Partying, kissing, getting to X base, telling sex stories…

I didn’t envy them, because that life was so alien that I didn’t even know how to start improving my social skills so I could have a nice girlfriend, have sex, have the best time with my friends, be relaxed, and charge my batteries to get the best grades.

Luckily now I can give you the answer to stop being a virgin in college.

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How to Overcome Fear and Attract Girls Easily

On February 13, 2015, In Dating Advice by .

overcome fear need attract girls

If you’ve read my key articles such as how to get a girlfriend, how to talk to girls, master conversations or the core of attraction, you already should know everything you need to start attracting women and get a girlfriend soon.

But I know from personal experience that it takes more than that.

I know what it is to have the knowledge but not the courage to apply it.

The first time I explained a rough version of The Core of Attraction to a friend, he was blown away. We were studying in Paris at the time so we decided to go to Le Louvre, the huge museum, to hit on girls and put the system to test.

We were very motivated because of the power of the system, but we couldn’t do shit with it. We were so shy that we approached 6 different women in 4 hours… Yeah. What was lacking then?

After years of trial-and-error, I’m ready to give you the key actions you must take now to start attracting girls without obstacles in just a few weeks. You’ll have a complete understanding of what to do and what not to do. Here’s how.

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Should You Tell Her You’re 20+ and Still a Virgin?

On February 6, 2015, In Dating Advice by .

dating as a virgin

You are man, you are still a virgin, yet also have an age that you wouldn’t like to associate with that sexual purity. Your friends and acquaintances seem to have their sex life somewhat under control.

You believe —correctly in most cases— that they assume you’re not a virgin. That they don’t even think about it, because that’s weird. So they don’t know. You haven’t said a word, at best you’ve told only to a few close friends.

Yet that fear of telling someone is one of the biggest obstacles to go out and lose your virginity right now, today. Go out, talk to a girl, you like each other and bam! you’re no longer a virgin.

This is not an article on how to lose your virginity for men, but rather, an article to help you solve that “should I tell girls that I’m a virgin?” roadblock right away.

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