The Very Best Dating Advice for Men from February 2015

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dating advice for men february 2015

On February I worked really hard to give you awesome detailed tutorials like How to Get a Girlfriend which covers the basics for you to start taking action and attracting girls.

The visits went from low-double-digits daily to low-triple-digits daily which is awesome, and I’m truly thankful to see that all this work to share my knowledge is actually useful for you.

As a thank you, I prepared sort of a roundup with a few highlights in the dating scene, to open your mind, use some external advice and also have a little fun!

If you like the idea I’ll do it every month. I’ll try to give you the type of info that you like the best, so don’t hesitate to let me know what that is!

How to Talk to Girls (Game)

Check out this funny video of YouTube’s beast PewDiePie playing a game on how to talk to girls lol. The game seems to suck, but I actually thought of doing something similar (in a useful way) for you guys to practice The Three Behaviors.

Do you like the idea of having something like that? Tell me in the comments.

It’s actually from January but I found it in mid-February because I’m not subscribed. The game seems horrible lol (I mean, don’t try to learn conversation with that, because the good or bad response from the chick is very random).

But you really should have that attitude PewDiePie has when hitting on girls. Remember Behavior 1: Confidence as willingness to let her go, especially if she’s disrespectful.

By the way PewDiePie has a very cute girlfriend in case you didn’t know 🙂

marzia bisognin

Valentine’s Day

Of course, the romantic highlight of the month of February is Valentine’s Day.

Everyone is talking about what to get your girlfriend, how you’re celebrating, etc. While you have the rest of the people celebrating Single’s Day. Why don’t they give useful dating advice for men for a change? I say let’s get a little brainy and help those who are feeling lonely. By analyzing the causes from a logical standpoint, you’re able to actually work on them and change them one by one.

It’s the same approach of this video on changing anything that I really love. I’ll make a post on the topic soon.

I should have made a post on overcoming loneliness prior to the 14th, but I was so focused writing high-quality tutorials and improving the blog that I didn’t have time for it.

Infographics on Dating Advice for Men

I released my very own super amazing 🙂 first infographic on How to Get a Girlfriend as a sequel to the original tutorial.

But there I found a few interesting infographics around the web.

valentines day dating behavior

Check out this one on dating behavior and gifts on Valentine’s day, so you can make your girl feel special, and this one on how much does it cost dating around the world.

Controversy on Sexual Behavior!

One of my favorite authors, right-winged Roosh V, wrote a controversial post with a solution to stop rape. He proposes to “make rape legal if done on private property“.

His take on the issue is that accusing a men of rape afterwards is becoming so easy and accepted in America, that women are losing the sense of responsibility for their own behavior.

Women would only enter a bedroom knowing what can happen and accepting the consequences, as you can drink or not drink, because you’re aware of the consequences. The typical rapist would still be punished by the law because attacking women randomly in public places wouldn’t be exempt by this rule.

I think he’s spot on with a few nuances. What do you think?

Wrapping it up

Before the wrap up, you maybe like this post on facts on infidelity. I didn’t know where to categorize it so here it is.

Those are my highlights for you this month. I hope they entertained you, made you think, and also, were useful. If you like the idea I’ll keep writing this roundup each month.

Please share it and share your thoughts. March is going to be jam-packed with good stuff. I’ve already written next week’s posts and oh boy…