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Are you an overthinksheep? The overthinksheep is the typical guy who creates its own bad luck with women. He is average at most things. He doesn’t try to change outside of what society thinks he should. His view of the world is limited to his own fabricated thoughts, instead of experience.

Sometimes they seek change, but they’re so afraid of changing that the change is painfully slow. So slow it would take decades to achieve what other guys learn in weeks or months.

I wasn’t like that when I was little, but I was slowly transforming into the overthinksheep… I’m 100% sure you weren’t either…

However I almost turned into an overthinksheep in my late teens and early twenties. I hit bottom the moment I started to be afraid of interaction with girls I liked. I started rationalizing my bad luck with women with stuff like “maybe I’m too smart” or “one day I’ll get an amazing girlfriend”.

Luckily, I didn’t complete the transformation.

The fire inside me forced a drastic change in the right direction. I almost quit my college degree to refocus my life and regain control I had lost. I learned a lot, I got in touch with the best people.

Now I can tell you change is possible. And not just change, but change having experienced the lows… That gives a much wiser perspective and appreciation for life.

But are you an overthinksheep? If you’re reading this, probably you aren’t.

Let’s see their seven most common (and worst) traits for you to avoid them like the plague:

1. They think too much, yet not logically

Thinking is good, of course. Not only that, is necessary to grow. Thinking is the ability that makes humans able to use past experiences and information we have learned from many different sources (stories of friends, books, videos…) to plan our future.

For example, you are reading my articles because you’ll learn stuff that will make you confront reality with more power and control. With this information, your thinking abilities plan a better way to meet girls thus improving your life.

The overthinksheep thinks they’re thinking, yet they aren’t.

When they see a girl that they like, they rationalize their natural fear of approaching into multiple thoughts. They think “maybe she’s got a boyfriend”, “I’m actually busy today, but next time I’ll do it…” or “she’s out of my league, I have to find a girl similar to me”.

That’s BS yet understandable, because it’s in our nature as men.

But after a few lost opportunities like that, instead of using that bad experience to decide they must change and learn, they seek refuge in their own thoughts and their comfort zone where, well… everything it’s just meh… but it’s not “scary”.

They’re just lazy to put on a pair of balls and hit on the girl, learn from the experience regardless of its outcome, search for the information they need, and then try again. Rocket science, huh?

2. They are sheep and try to please everybody

When they have to make a choice, the overthinksheep always chooses in terms of “fitting in”, “doing what most people do” or “what my parents want me to do”.

Now, of course majority influence is helpful when you don’t know what to do in some situations. For instance if you’re lost and see a stream of people walking in the distance, you go there for guidance.

But the overthinksheep also bases on other people the decisions that directly affect their personal lives!

Their appearance is based on the latest trend, they choose the career their parents like, they believe what others tell them to believe. They are afraid and so lazy they don’t do the due diligence to get enough information to choose the best path based on what they truly desire.

They think the new wallpaper on their phone or the new series they’re watching is what makes them different.

They are miles away from a mindset where they are truly different. Different in taking calculated risks to change a life path, change careers, meet influential people, read true life-changing books, and of course, getting out of their comfort zone to meet amazing women.

The overthinksheep doesn’t realize that life is short, yet they have time to focus 100% for a few years on a life path they feel is right, and make it work. Then if they want to change again, they will be in a much wiser position to change paths with renewed focus and motivation. Not with the reminder that they never followed their dreams.

3. They limit their own ability to change

When I met my first crush years later and I was already successful with women, I realized at some level she thought I was faking my behavior. In her mind I was categorized. It’s animal nature. But her human logical nature wasn’t developed enough to understand that true, non-faked change is possible.

The overthinksheep think they only can change certain things and to a certain level.

Things like their degree, their job, their girlfriend (sometimes), the amount of times they exercise per week, or the number of times they brush their teeth.

But they forget they can change other things that are much more profound and will lead to immensely positive changes.

For instance, their dating mindset, their beliefs, their aspirations… All things that can be changed through their habits. Habits like the type of books and blogs they read, the time they spend reading, the hours they practice for every hour of learning, the hour they wake up, their morning rituals, and many more.

If they’re a kissless virgin, they think it’s impossible to change and have a “normal” life with a girl they like.

But also, they limit the amount they can change. For instance, “maybe I can get a better girlfriend, but not my dream girl, who would have to be a tall thin blonde, with gorgeous face, speaks 3 languages and loves to cook”. Really? Have you really tried to socialize to the point you meet 30 new girls every week?

Or “maybe I can earn a bit more money, but I’ll never get that dream job because I get distracted too easily and they’ll never hire me…” Really? Have you really tried different solutions to your distractions for months or years?

Instead of putting in the work like we do, they assume it’s impossible, therefore they don’t have to deal with the fact that they are lazy to search for a solution, and then apply it.

Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can be achieved.” —said Napoleon Hill.

Don’t set goals that are limiting by themselves.

4. They believe in luck and think change its outside their control

The overthinksheep doesn’t make the connection that if you don’t plant a seed and take care of it, the tree you want won’t grow by chance. Also, they don’t believe in proof that if you learn how to grow it and do what’s necessary, it will!

The overthinksheep thinks being successful in life, and particularly with women, is a matter of luck.

They plant a seed of lemons but want an apple tree. They think that luck will turn the lemons into a sweet fruit, that the lemon tree will somehow transform into an apple tree, or that somehow an apple tree will grow in their orchard by its own.

But even if the seed of an apple tree falls in their orchard, how are they supposed to make it sprout if they don’t learn how to do it, and don’t have past experience of trying to grow it!

It’s absurd.

Success is a matter of trying multiple times until you get it right. You only have to be right once, but you have to go get your butt out, get the apple tree, plant it and try several times until you get perfect round sweet juicy apples.

The overthinksheep is eating lemons because it’s used to the tangy taste, and they don’t want to go through the process of working extra with nothing in return until the apple tree produces apples.

To avoid the responsibility that they have the power to change whatever they want, they rationalize their desire to keep being lazy with thoughts like “why bother”, “it’s too hard” or “I don’t know how”.

Anything is possible. Once you grow it once, it becomes easier and easier.

“Luck” is what gets you the gorgeous model with the sparkling personality, the body you dream of, two PhD’s and the billionaire family. Taking action is what makes you meet many exceptional women until “luck” brings you that one.

5. They hesitate and don’t take action

Since they don’t believe they can change, they don’t take action when they should.

Opportunities are around the overthinksheep waiting for him to pick them up and work toward their goals, yet they don’t.

Since they think too much, they value pros and cons to the point they limit themselves, instead of following their gut feeling that that’s the right action to take now.

For instance they are the ones that are offered the best course available, which has taken me years to develop and is 100% free because I want to help men who struggle with dating like I did, and they don’t take advantage of it.

Taking disciplined action is the most powerful tool you have as a human being. You can add a new building block to your life every day, to the point that people who didn’t see you in a year will have trouble recognizing you.

But you have to start and keep going!

Don’t wait till a New Year’s resolution. Install Todoist, set up your daily goals and start now!

6. They see a world of scarcity instead of abundance

One of the most common traits of the overthinksheep is their world is ruled by scarcity.

Cling on to that girl, you’re never going to find anyone better” could be her motto.

Their dating mindset filters his thoughts through scarcity. By thinking in terms of scarcity instead of abundance, they live in fear and need.

They are constantly afraid that they’re never going to find a girl, or a better girl if they have one that doesn’t make them happy. I mean, really? I understand this thought process 100 years ago when cars started being popular, but today you should think globally. And there’s 7+ billion people on the planet. Half of them, are women.

And they are constantly needy. Because since they think they can’t get a girl they really want, they obsess with any girl that pays attention to them —killing attraction instantly as you know.

So the overthinksheep lives in fear and need. A process that reinforces itself because it reduces the chances of success, therefore creating more fear and need, therefore…

They don’t know that if they took action to learn how to improve their attraction, they would live in a world of abundance. They will be happier because they will make better decisions without fear and need playing a role.

7. They don’t value their time —and they say they’re going to do things but they don’t

Lastly but not less importantly, the overthinksheep spends his time like it is infinite.

The truth is, time is scarce, and any moment spent playing video games instead of exercising, eating cookies and nachos instead of healthy food, watching stupid videos instead of learning something important, or watching porn instead of going out and meeting girls, you’re wasting your time.

Now of course, there’s a moment for fun. There’s a moment for crappy food, video games, stupid videos and porn (if you don’t have PIED like I did). But it has to be very balanced, only as a reward once in awhile, while the main habit is the healthy one.

The problem with the overthinksheep is, they rule their life by those bad habits —and doing what they should becomes the exception.

So their life quickly becomes a trap from which they can’t escape. A trap of instant gratification, like drug addicts seeking the next high of whatever cheapness rules their day-to-day, instead of reaching massive levels of success that truly makes them live at another level of happiness, joy, constant improvement and constant gratification —not instant gratification.

So I hope I portrayed the basic mindset of the overthinksheep. Now you can avoid them like the plague (pro tip: don’t try to convince them if they’re 100% overthinksheep —they won’t listen).

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