How to Ask for a Girl’s Number

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For years I struggled to find the perfect time to start moving forward in the relationships with girls I liked. One of those key moments was asking the girl’s number.

Whether it was her number or any other contact like her Facebook, etc. I always felt that fear crippling my move. Doubt made me not go for it. And most times, also let the window of opportunity close —hoping for a new one to open “in the future”.

Because in a possible future we can achieve anything, right? 😉

Luckily, now I know how and when to ask her number, and I’m going to show you the perfect move to close that communication gap between she and you.

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How to Change Anything

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You want to change something in your life. I want to change something in my life. Everybody wants to change something in their lives.

Unless you have truly reached that state of “this is it” you are in an ever-constant process of change. And even at that point, after a while you start setting new goals.

Now you’re probably focused on attracting women, and that process of change can be hard. You face fears, you need some self-discipline (read this post if you haven’t) to put in practice what I teach.

Or maybe you are in the process of getting rid of a Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction or an addiction to porn —or any other addiction, like unhealthy foods.

Changing a habit can get really hard. Sometimes it seems rooted so deeply that changing seems impossible. And what’s even worse, our mind gets so narrowed into the problem that we can easily lose sight of a broader understanding of the situation.

That is why I highly recommend you watch this TED video:

Here’s a breakdown of the main insights from it:

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How to Get My Crush to Like Me

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You see her every day. She’s hot. She’s pretty. She’s gorgeous. Very nice to you. You don’t really know if she likes you, but you hope she did. You may think you want her just for sex. Or you’re in love with her. You even joked around with your friends about you kinda sorta liking her…

But no matter the case, deep inside you’re constantly thinking about her, every day.

She’s your crush.

I know it firsthand. I even hate to remember this. For instance, I remember one evening I spent like 4 hours on bed, looking at the ceiling, thinking the best way to talk to that girl who looked at me so intensely.

In this post I’m going to show you step-by-step what you need to do to attract her and level up with her.

But also, I’m going to tell you an uncomfortable truth that most guys don’t want to hear.

Ironically, knowing this truth will put you in the position to attract her.

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How to Approach a Girl You Like

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How to finally approach that girl you like? Is it at school, at work or at the gym? Is it only for sex? Is she your crush? How to approach her in order to make a good impression so she becomes attracted to you?

How to make that first (or almost first) move?

Every situation requires a different approach. A different mindset to interact with her. If you want to know how to approach a girl effectively, in this post we’ll see what to do in all those different situations.

This is not just a list of the most common situations. You know I’m all about the core knowledge of things. We’ll understand the mindset behind approaching women so you always know what to do —in any situation. Let’s dive into it.

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What I Learned About Attracting Girls by Talking to 167 Strangers

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Guys regularly ask me something along the lines of:

I really like the ideas you share on your blog. Actually, I think they’re amazing. It’s miles ahead of anything I’ve read before. I can’t wait to take action. However, in my situation I can’t because…

In most cases, the reasons they give me for not taking action are something outside themselves, like:

  • I live with my parents and there’s some conflict between that and getting girls home.
  • I’m waiting to move to a new town in 4 months, then I’ll use The Core of Attraction.
  • I’ve tried everything. Maybe I’m just not destined… (you know how this huge BS goes on.)

While some of those reasons seem, well, reasonable, they hide a huge trap.

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How to Level Up

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how to make a girl attracted to you

This is a bonus post in the series of The Three Behaviors that you must show to attract women and enjoy successful relationships with them:

  1. Behavior 1 —Confidence. The 11 Traits of The Alpha Male.
  2. Behavior 2 —Protection. How to Attract Women by Being Protective.
  3. Behavior 3 —Making her feel sexually desired and awaken her sexual instinct.

In this final post we’ll integrate The Three Behaviors so you can deeply understand how these flow throughout the Levels of Intimacy you have with the girl.

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